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Our Salient Features

The entire teaching plan is completed in phase manner as follows:

Study Materials

Topic-wise course material based on current trend of JEE is provided prior to starting of topic. Besides theory, a vast bank of numerical is provided; hence application part is highly emphasized. The study materials also covers NCERT syllabus so that students can get through their Board Examination with flying colors.


DPSA (Development of Problem Solving Aptitude)

Enhancing the numerical ability is an important task. Students should solve more and questions based on taught theories. It is a question bank containing questions from previously taught topics as well as the current one. Distributed weekly and discussed by the teachers regularly.


Academic R & D

The up gradation of Study Materials, Questions Banks, DPSAs need to be enriched on regular basis. To do so an independent R&D team is functional.


Doubt Clearing Session

To clear individual's doubt, students can come for personal attention to the teachers. The objective is to clear the doubts of

the students, same day.


Periodical Tests. (Online & Off Line)

During the coaching, it becomes essential to test the students through various tests like-

Spot Test, Unit Test, Major Test, Reshuffle Test, Internal Annual Test, All India Test Series & NCERT based Test.


Micro Level Analysis

Close monitoring of individual student is of utmost importance to us. We use Check-N-Balance method for each student. We prepare following data and analyze it and finally counsel the students and their guardians:

* Performance Chart

* Comparative Report



Timely Completion Of Course

All courses have proper teaching plan to complete the courses as per schedule and students can have ample time for revision classes, self-study and preparation for Board Examination and forthcoming competitions.