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​​​​​​​​Dear Aspirants,
In today's competitive world, early you start better you are prepared. Right focus, right direction, right approach, right action and development of right moral values at right time ensure a successful life and career. 

Today, I recognize that complex problem solving skills are not automatically acquired. They must be taught.

I had the opportunity to work in the places which are considered hubs for IIT-Coaching like DELHI, HYDERABAD & KOTA.

At all these places, the things common were quality of education offered and the students from different parts of the country. These students are so hard working & bright that they have made these places a popular destination for IIT-JEE training.

In order to serve these students and give them national level facilities, I thought of establishing a place where Engineering / Medical coaching is available in one roof.

Mentors philosophy is based on the giver (GURU) & receiver (SWISHY).

I truly believe that an individual who is more learned (based on his/her experience & age) transmits or passes his/her knowledge to the one who is at the stage of learning.

The process of transmitting knowledge from Guru to Swishy is sacred and complete.
At Classes I have structured our subject courses to incorporate the preparation of board exams along with the preparation of advance subject test. I believe that this approach will cut down effort of students and will maximize their efficiency. Our study material incorporate exercise based on board exams type question along with the advance subject questions. Periodic tests are held based on board exam pattern along with the regular JEE (Main & Advanced) style tests for the benefit of students.

The door of my office is always open. Don't hesitate to contact me with any concerns or suggestions, or to work together in developing ideas that will ultimately benefit to get you in IITs & other competitions.


I wholeheartedly welcomes you to the family.

Regards & warm wishes.

G.R.Pattanayak.  (ALEX ACADEMY)

B.Tech./M.Tech. ( Delhi College of Engineering. DTU).

Member: IETE, Indian Science Academy, Society of Satellite Professional International-MAXICO.

 Fellow Member : Indian Space Research Organization. (ISRO)

He is a living example of bundles commitment to teach with excellence and see his students succeed. .Pattanayak Sir excelled with top performances in all fields that he was associated with as student, as an engineer and as a Faculty in Teaching Profession.
He has extensive managerial and teaching experience . He has written a book for IIT-JEE (Maths.- Calculus).

 His vast experience is the ultimate resource for students in the field of Mathematics / Physics.